Know what are the Future Plans of is a blockchain-powered solution that aims to make it easier for masses to access and adapt the blockchain technology and solutions conveniently and use … is a new revolutionary global crypto exchange and blockchain solution that intends to make it easy for individuals and enterprises to access and use the blockchain technology. provides users with a convenient way of trading in cryptocurrencies via bank accounts and associated credit/debit cards. It also offers an Enterprise solution for corporates to easily adapt to and enjoy the benefits of the blockchain technology. The pre-ICO phase-1 sale of has ended and the phase 2 will begin shortly.

As for the future plans of, the project roadmap says it all. The public ICO sale of will be held later in July 2018, followed by the launch of the Global Cryptocurrency Exchange in August 2018. The company will separately launch Enterprise Solutions in August this year. Merchant Services are expected to be launched in October 2018, followed by the launch of Point-of-sale (POS) & OneBlockchain in January 2019. You can read the details below.
Ethx Pre-ICO
The phase-I pre-ICO sale of was held in July, from July 1 to 7, 2018 for the early investors of the project. The coins were sold to early buyers at a special price of 0.0005 ETH per token during the pre-sale, with a 20% discount on a minimum investment of 0.2 ETH. A single investor can purchase coins worth 100 ETH but not more during the pre-ICO sale.

The pre-ICO sale of might be held in multiple phases. The 2nd phase sale will begin shortly. All the investment rules of the Phase-I will also apply to the Phase-II sale as well.
Ethx Public ICO will also hold a sale of tokens for its general investors, who are interested in buying the tokens for investment or trading purposes. The public ICO sale of will be conducted in July month only. The company will sell a limited number of tokens during the sale. Global Cryptocurrency Exchange will launch its own global cryptocurrency exchange on August 1, 2018, enabling token-holders to trade their tokens using bank accounts. Enterprise Solutions
The Enterprise solution apps of will be launched on August 15, 2018, along with a public launch of Ethx Ninja and Ethx Datablock. Merchant Services
Ethx will also launch dedicated Merchant Services in October 2018, enabling merchants to accept payments in Ethx tokens and withdraw in fiat currencies.
PoS & OneBlockchain
The Ethx Point-of-Sale (cPoS) & oneBlockchain will be launched later in January 2019.

The complete details, along with future plans, are available in the project whitepaper on the website. Potential investors who are interested in investing in the Ethx ICO can visit the website for more details.
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Ethx Coin
Ethx Coin is a blockchain-powered solution that aims to make it easier for masses to access and adapt the blockchain technology …

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