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K Systems

K Systems LTD develops decentralized applications (dApps) based of the Ethereum Blockchain and InterPlanetary File System (IPFS). Our AS/EN 9100 …

Ethereum Education Manufacturing Smart Contract Software
Private Sale
Public Sale
Forecast of gold placers Token

Gold Forecasting Placer (GoldFor) is a certificate that grants the Holder the right to receive and use the result of …

Waves Big Data Business services Other Software
Public Sale
Orch Network

Orch is a self-evolving quantum safe multicomputation and cryptocurrency infrastructure that is engineered to survive the deep future, even tens …

Ethereum Artificial Intelligence Cryptocurrency Infrastructure Platform Smart Contract Software

MyShield is an innovative decentralized anti-scam platform. It is determined to inspire confidence when executing online transactions. Powered by both …

Ethereum Artificial Intelligence Big Data Cryptocurrency Platform Software

INFLIV Presenting world’s First Subscription (membership)-based cryptocurrency trading platform which still Allows to trade for a full month, without TRADING …

Ethereum Cryptocurrency Investment Platform Software
Real Estate Doc

Real Estate Doc is the Proptech 3.0 for commercial real estate businesses. It is the next generation real estate software …

Ethereum Real estate Retail Smart Contract Software
Fyrus Pro exchange

Community driven exchange project, features decentralized governance where users can vote on important platform developments, listing of new assets. Users …

Ethereum Cryptocurrency Finance Internet Other Platform Software
Freldo ICO

The first global and decentralized ecosystem linking service providers and customers based on the technology of blockchain & smart contracts

Ethereum Business services Communication Cryptocurrency Platform Smart Contract Software
Helios Coin

Off-grid (autonomous) crypto mining clusters powered by solar energy.

Ethereum Cryptocurrency Software

weiDex is a fully featured decentralized exchange (DEX). It guarantees the highest possible security, full transparency and open source logic. …

Ethereum Cryptocurrency Smart Contract Software