Living Offset

Please provide a short description of your ICO

A Platform for Change.

We are creating a global movement for change that empowers people to collectively make a difference. Without waiting for governmental intervention, we are using blockchain technology to provide a platform built around consumers’ desire to “play their part” in the fight against climate change. We are simply unlocking demand that is already there, just as previously successful companies such as Uber and Airbnb have done before us.

Ease of Use for the Consumer

The simple, easy-to-access and easy-to-use LivingOffset mobile app gives people the opportunity to start making an immediate contribution. It removes any uncertainty that our combined efforts really matter, because when people come together, real change is possible. The LivingOffset lifestyle becomes a choice and a reality.

What is your ICO soft and hard cap?

Soft Cap


Hard Cap:


Why will your ICO succeed?

Our ICO will succeed, because it is currently the only place where blockchain and climate action meet.

When was your business launched and where is it based?

The business was launched in the Summer of 2016, with our head office currently based in Ireland.

What has been your biggest success point to date?

Completing the development of our MVP.

What kind of investors are you looking to attract?

Both qualified investors and the crowd – its a collaborative marketplace for all stakeholders.

Who is on your ICO team?

The 6 founders + Nick Ayton(ICO consultant) Dmitry Koval , Nick Holden , Colm Byrne

What are your future plans upon ICO completion?

To scale LivingOffset for global rollout in Q3 2018

Have you got any tips for pre-ICO startups?

  • Construct your ICO and token as if it were a regulated industry
  • Make the white paper and other docs clear & concise.

What surprised you most about the ICO industry?

The speed at which criteria change

What is the best way for people to contact you?

via e-mail at

Any final thoughts to add from your ICO journey?

I have been involved with LivingOffset for almost 2 years at this stage and I have thoroughly enjoyed working with a great team of people to develop a unique business, that subscribes to Satoshi Nakamoto’s ideals; using blockchain for everyone’s benefit. As is befitting for a collaborative company, that team extends far beyond the principals and, on behalf of the founders, I want to sincerely thank everyone who has helped us achieve so much.

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