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Land Transportation is an essential part of human activity, and in many ways form the basis of all socio-economic interactions. Indeed, no two locations will interact effectively without a viable means of movement. In many developing countries, inadequate transport facilities are often the norm rather than the exception. Thus, a good transport system is essential to support economic growth and development. Land Transport is a crucial driver of economic and social development, bringing opportunities for the poor and enabling economies to be more competitive. Transport infrastructure connects people to jobs, education, and health services; it enables the supply of goods and services around the world; and allows people to interact and generate the knowledge and solutions that foster long-term growth. Rural roads, for example, can help prevent maternal deaths through timely access to childbirth-related care, boost girls’ enrolment in school, and increase and diversify farmers’ income by connecting them to markets.

Tracoin is the first open source, peer-to-peer decentralized cryptocurrency specifically tailored for the global land transport industry. Through the utilization of recent technological innovations, including blockchain technology and smart contracts, we have developed a model with the ability to overcome the majority of the challenges currently faced by the land transport industry. Furthermore, Tracoin plans to propose and implement additional measures that will significantly improve the efficiency of land transport services thus improving the users level of comfort and safety while using land transportation.

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Current Status: Unknown

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Current Status: Unknown

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  • 0.40 USD
  • 3000000
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  • April 6, 2018

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Current Status: Unknown

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  • 1.00 USD
  • 17000000
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Team Members

Nurudeen Momodu


Prabu Dass

Senior Blockchain Developer

Karthi SRV

Full Stack Web Developer

Gokul Ram

Senior Software Engnieer

Shikha Dadhwal

Marketing Executive


Project Advisors

Joshuwa Roomsburg

Digital Marketing Advisor

Nikolay Shkilev

Blockchain Expert / ICObench Expert

Cynthia Turcotte

Editor-in-Chief @ Bitcoinist

Rick Tapia

Blockchain & ICO Consultant

Peter Johnson

Blockchain Advisor

Erickvand Tampilang

Bounty Campaign Advisor



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