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Pledgecamp is securing the future of crowdfunding with blockchain protected investments.




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What is Pledgecamp?
Pledgecamp is a decentralized platform that aims to solve longstanding issues of trust and misaligned user incentives in crowdfunding.

What is Pledgecamp’s mission?
We believe that good ideas can come from anywhere, and no one should be denied the opportunity to become an entrepreneur. Our mission is to give everyone that opportunity.

Why blockchain?
Blockchain allows strangers across the world to engage in complicated financial transactions within a programmable framework of trust. Without it, key benefits offered by Pledgecamp’s new features would be impossible.
Crowdfunding is decentralized funding and innovation that aligns perfectly with the decentralized nature of blockchain technology, and it is an industry with key problems in the area of trust.
Pledgecamp utilizes blockchain technology to be the first to offer Backer Insurance, an escrow wallet framework that allows users to self-regulate without requiring intermediaries. A native token also incentivizes engagement with the platform, and aligns all users to act in the interests of the group as a whole. These improvements will be essential to fix crowdfunding as we move together towards a vision of global innovation.

What makes Pledgecamp different?
Pledgecamp provides security for backers in the form of Backer Insurance and transparency requirements for creators. Blockchain allows users to mediate disputes and guarantee financial enforcement without requiring a third party mediator or custodian.
A decentralized marketplace further allows participants to be compensated for their contributions to the network, and to allow all people to join regardless of geography or demographics. A native token ensures that incentives are aligned, good behavior is rewarded, and that users benefit when their actions lead to the health and growth of the network.

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Restricted Countries

USA, China, North Korea, Iran, Bangladesh, Nepal, Macedonia, Bolivia, Ecuador, Pakistan, Algeria, Morocco, Syria.

Bounty Program

Airdrop Overview

Current Status: Complete


All participants will receive 300 Pledge Tokens for joining the AirDrop. Step 1 Telegram Community To participate, simply click the button below to join our Telegram Community. Step 2 Social Contest Participate in our share social contest. Spread the word on social media.

Amount Available

Start Date

November 7, 2018

End Date

March 31, 2019

Private-Sale Overview

Current Status: Complete

Private Sale Price

Private Sale Goal

Private Sale Min Contribution

Private Sale Available for Sale

Private Sale Start Date

May 1, 2018

Private Sale End Date

May 31, 2018

Pre-Sale Overview

Current Status: Unknown



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Available for Pre-Sale

Pre-Sale Start Date

Pre-Sale End Date

Public Sale Overview

Current Status: Complete

Public Sale Price

0.01 USD

Available For Sale

300000000 PLG

Public Sale Minimum Contrabution

50 USD

Public Sale Start Date

February 18, 2019

Public Sale End Date

March 19, 2019


Team Members

Eddie Lee


Thomas Leupp


William Starr

Smart Contracts

Tania Grebennique

Operations Manager


Project Advisors

Randi Zuckerberg

Founder & CEO at Zuckerberg Media

Matt Curcio

VP Data at Ripple

Keith Teare

Executive Chairman at ADV

Ryan Scott

Founder & CEO of ICO Impact Group

Jung-hee Ryu

Partner & CEO at FuturePlay Inc.

Ed Kim

General Partner at CryptoLux Capital



We're working with @Pledgecamp to demonstrate the importance of #transparency in #crowdfunding. More on how this team pivoted their platform launch to enable the public to get #PPE to #frontline healthcare workers via @ConsciousCoMag.

What are the odds in getting your money back if a #crowdfunding project that you've invested in isn't performing to your satisfaction? Actually, according to @Pledgecamp's Eddie Lee, they're pretty good, thanks to his unique "Backer Protection Program".

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