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We have started the license process to be a clearing bank here in the UK. We are looking to provide fiat clearing and re-engineer the outdated bank model towards universal settlement. Our token platform is designed to enable credible token projects to launch with e …




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In short, we are a blockchain technology company that has started the authorisation process to be a utility bank in the UK.  Our tokens will be sold to the public by  auction which will determine the token price. Our minimum funding goal  is £30m. The total token supply is 1B tokens of which 750M will be available for sale.  We are in pre-ICO.

We want to enable innovators and future thought leaders to focus more on the quality and strength of their proposition. We will help them do that in two ways.

First, actors in the crypto economy should not have to worry about getting a business bank account or the stress of it being closed at short notice due to unjustified ‘risk’. Having an operational commercial bank account in our opinion is a basic right that should not be denied to crypto companies because they are doing something new. At the same time, the bank model is outdated. We are engineering our utility bank to use blockchain technology and build upon decentralised mechanisms that can remove inefficiencies that exist today.

Second, we want to enable our economy by building a stake and reputation driven platform where credible token projects are incentivised. This DApp aims to reward and support good actors with community consensus and easy to use tools so that innovators can focus more on the quality and strength of their proposition.A utility bank is also known as a clearing bank. In the UK, clearing banks have settlement accounts with the Bank of England. The entire UK payment system settles across these Bank of England accounts. There are currently only seven UK clearing banks.

In the last 250 years, there has only been one clearing bank to enter the UK market. We are looking to further break this monopoly and be the first blockchain technology business to offer clearing. In addition to deposit taking and transaction processing of our own customers, we’ll facilitate the actual movement of money from one account to another between customers of other banks and payment service providers (PSPs). We’ll do this as a B2B business, being direct members of fiat payment schemes (eg Faster Payment and CHAPS).

Utility should be the order of the day in providing valuable services and helping the economy to grow. So we plan to introduce products and services which are blockchain aligned and which leverage the efficiencies of self clearing assets towards a universal settlement layer.


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November 13, 2018

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March 1, 2019

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Team Members

Diana Mihaylova

Head of Sales and PR

Tom Nabielec

Head of Digital Marketing

Dmitriy Tkalich

Full-Stack Developer

Mykhailo Horbunov

Full-Stack Developer


Project Advisors

Ian Grigg


Rod Ashley




REMINDER: The penalties that banks pay for breaking the rules is only a percentage of the revenue they make from conducting the activities.

Breaking the rules is literally profitable in the existing model.

Great panel discussions with @GabIsTweeting at International Bar Association #Blockchain Forum in #London debating the impact of blockchain in the #Legal Industry and beyond, #Knabu was honoured to chair the forum- thanks to @iang_fc @imperialcollege and the rest contributors.

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