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FriendUP is a virtual computer platform designed to unite web applications and develop an ecosystem for use on all devices with access to the network. FriendUP offers users a computing environment of agnostic, available via the Friend workspace, and a user interfac …







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The Friend project has an interesting concept to bring to a dynamically developing market as well as a functioning product which started development in 2014.

The white paper presents a detailed roadmap for the project, where almost every detail is planned. The team has carefully worked out the development of the platform and progressive stages for its implementation. The description of the technical aspect of the platform and its services, presented in three separate documents, confirms the fact that special attention is paid to functionality.

Regarding the upcoming TGE, we would like to emphasize that at the time of writing 93% of FNT Tokens allocated for preliminary sale have already been sold (there is almost a month until the end of the pre-sale).

However, even the current project has risks that an investor must consider before taking part in the purchase of FNT Tokens. The main risks for the Friend project are as follows:

  • Team wage levels are high due to the fact that the team is concentrated in Norway. It is unknown if Friend will be able to maintain such a costly team on an ongoing basis.
  • 50% of tokens belonging to the team will be placed in their ownership 30 days after the completion of the TGE.
  • The team still has 6% of the project; will it have the motivation to develop the project?
  • Due to lack of feedback, the team does not interact with the community.
  • The developers did not provide any economic forecast or statistical data.

Here are some of the main features in our framework that you may consider using in your applications:
Powerful networking API using the Friend Network. Enjoy peer-to-peer communication directly between users. Use the Friend server node network to access processing power and reduce latency.
Device agnostic GUI. Use HTML templates and Window Management with extensive themeability.
File system API. Read and write to files using any of our supported file system drivers.
Game engine. Use our object oriented classes to make entertaining games.
Our virtual file system API, Dormant. Make use of DOS scripting and batch processing. Enable sharing of application functions over the network by turning your app into a virtual disk.
Use our easy to use localization API to translate your application to the language spoken by your users.
Use our OOP framework to take advantage of multiple inheritance in your JavaScript classes.
Easily implement support for text to speech for users who are visually impaired.
Integrate with Friend by using our file dialogs. This way, users will be able to save and load their work on their cloud storage disks.
Use our API to handle drag & drop between your app and the Friend Workspace.
Integrate with the Friend mime-type subsystem to allow opening your app when double clicking on supported file formats.
Use Friend’s menu system to support pull-down menus for your applications.
Create widgets for the Friend Workspace to extend your user’s experience and allow them access to subsets of your functionality without having to launch your entire application.
Take advantage of user levels and workgroups to amplify your collaboration features.
Use system notifications to alert your user about important events in your application.

Other advantages for developers choosing Friend:
Access an Integrated Development Environment in the cloud.
Read the complete and always up-to-date Friend Developers’ Manual online.
Chat with other developers using Friend Chat – it supports multiple chat protocols. Even Slack!
Instantly share your application with everyone on the internet.
Make use of our multi-tasking desktop environment. Create groupware and applications that communicate and amplify each other by combining functionality.
Friend Workspace can host your entire development workflow, and offers your users a complete environment for work and play.

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